Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac

Please visit our Symantec Antivirus Student Download  page and login with your Stonehill username and password to download the installer file for your operating system.

NOTE: In the "Username" field on the download page, please type: stonehill\username

For example: stonehill\jdoe

1. Download and unzip the Macintosh installer and double-click to start the installation.

2. In the "Welcome to the Symantec Endpoint Protection Installer" window, click Continue.

3. In the "Software License Agreement" window, Click Continue.

4. In the "Choose the client type that best suits your needs" window, select the radio button next to "Unmanaged" and click Continue.

5. Click Install to start the installation process.

6. Type in your username and password for your computer. 

Note: This is not your Stonehill username and password.

7. Close all open programs and click Continue Installation. When the program is complete, click Logout to finish the installation.