Sharing Files in OneDrive

Share a Document

  1. Click the ellipses (...) next to the document to open the document’s callout and then click Share.
  2. In the Share window, enter the name of each person you want to invite to share the document. As you type each name, SharePoint searches the address book for matches and lists options. When you see the name you want, click it to add it to the invitation list.
  3. Select the permission you want to grant invitees from the drop-down menu. You can change the permission for any person later.
  4. If you want, type a message to be sent to all invitees in an email. The email includes a link to the shared document.
  5. If you do not want to send an email, click Show Options, and then uncheck Send an email invitation.

Edit Documents that are Shared with You

  1. Click the document link in the email you received informing you that a co-worker has shared a document with you.
  2. If you have edit permission, check out the document if that’s required—and then edit the document in Word, PowerPoint, or another Office program.

If you don’t have edit permission, you won’t be able to edit it. Instead, you can review and save any edits separately.

  1. Click File > Save to save your changes.

See the Edit History of a Document in OneDrive

  1. Click the ellipsis () to the right of the document. The callout window displays the name of the person who last changed the document and the date of the change.

Send Email to People You're Sharing a Document With

You can quickly address an email to everyone you’re sharing a document with. You might do this if there are details about the document you want them to know about, or if you want to remind them that you’ve shared the document with them.

  1. Select the document you’re interested in, and then click Files > Shared With.
    1. In OneDrive, you may need to click Settings  > Show Ribbon to show the Files tab
  2. In the Shared With window, click Email Everyone.

If prompted, click Allow