Send a Message to an Announcement List

If you are using the Outlook client or Outlook Web App (OWA), choose the Announcement List name from the global address list.

  1. Create a new message.
  2. If you log in directly to the Shared Mailbox to send the email, Skip to step 3.
    1. If you have the Shared Mailbox attached to your mailbox, you can select the “From” field in the new message and select the email address that is authorized to send to the announcement list.
      1. If you do not have the “From” Option, you can select the options tab, and then select the From option on the “Show Fields”.
  3. Click the BCC: button and the Select Names dialog box will be displayed.
  4. Begin to type the name of the announcement list in the Search box and the system will attempt to find the closest match to what you are typing.
  5. In the address display box that appears, select the list you want to send a message to and click OK.