Scheduling Symantec Endpoint Protection to Scan for Viruses

Symantec Endpoint Protection protects computers from viruses and spyware and integrates essential desktop security technologies into a single product.

Please follow the steps below to run a scan on your computer and to perform LiveUpdates.

Tray Icon

Right click on the Symantec Shield icon and select "Open Symantec Endpoint Protection" from the menu or simply double-click the icon.

Main Application Window

The Symantec interface window will open.  On the left hand side are table for various functions, as well as a LiveUpdate button.  The large top bar shows your current antivirus status.  This should be green with a check mark.

Scheduled Scans and Updates

Symantec will be set by default to automatically check for updates every 4 hours, and to run a scan every Wednesday at 12:30 pm.  If a scheduled scan is missed, it will run when the computer next boots up.  These settings are locked and unchangeable.

Scan Your Computer Anytime

When you suspect problems, you can scan your computer for viruses and malware.  To do that, click the Active Scan button under the "Scan for Threats" tab.

A report will display indicating findings.  If you have any questions about the report or the process, please call the IT Service Desk at (508) 565 4357 or email

Running a LiveUpdate Anytime

Symantec will update and scan automatically both on and off-campus.
If you want to check for updates manually click the LiveUpdate button below the tab listing.

The LiveUpdate status window will appear, check for/install updates, and will close when it's done.