Scan to Email Multiple Pages on Xerox Equipment

  1. Select the E-mail button on the touchscreen panel.

    01_Scan to Email
  2. Select or type in the e-mail who the documents are to be scanned to.

    02_Scan to Email
  3. Select the Job Assembly tab.

    03_Scan to Email
  4. Select the Build Job button.

    04_Scan to Email
  5. Select the On button.

    05_Scan to Email
  6. If you are scanning a single sheet, place the document directly on the glass.
    If you are scanning multiple pages, place the stack of paper into the document feeder. 
    1. Be sure to select single or two-sided before scanning on the first screen.
    2. Press the green Start button.

      06_Scan to Email
  7. Select Program Next Segment if you need to change any settings 
    Place the next segment into the document feeder and press the Start button again.
    1. Repeat this step until you have scanned all of your segments.

      07_Scan to Email
  8. Once all of your segments have been scanned, select the Submit Job button.

    08_Scan to Email
  9. You will then see your  job processing. Once the job shows Completed, the job was sent to the email selected. 
  10. Select the All Clear button to clear out the email address when done.
  11. If you have a multi- page document that can go into the document feeder all at once, you can simply select the email address in Step #2,  place the document in the top document feeder and hit the green Start button. Then simply follow Steps  9 and 10  above.