Preserve Student Content

Export Drop Box Submissions

The "Download Submissions" option allows you to export all student files from the drop box to your file storage.
To download submissions:
1. Log into your ANGEL course and click the Lessons tab.
2. Click (or hover over) the Drop Box for which you want to download submission
3. Click the Submissions hyperlink (located underneath the drop box name).
4. Click the Download Submissions hyperlink. The download submissions page appears.
5. Select all submissions from the "Download" drop-down list.
6. Click the Download button to zip and save the files to your computer.
7. The files will open using your computer's built-in zip utility program. The document type, date and the name of the student will appear in the zip file. Just double click on the file to open.

Export the Grade Book

The Export Grades option allows the course editor to export assignment grades for all students as a comma delimited or tab-delimited file. The resulting delimited file can easily be viewed and modified in a standard spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.
1. From the course's "Manage" tab, click the Gradebook link under "Course Management."
2. Click the Export Grades hyperlink in the "Gradebook Setup" section to display the Export Grades options. 
3. Choose between comma- and tab-delimited options.
4. Check to include averages and/or course ID.
5. Output Format- choose between percentage or points.
6. Export- A "File Download" dialog box appears on the screen. Click the Save button to save the file. A "Save As" dialog box appears on the screen. Give the file a specific name that identifies the semester and course. Save to your computer's hard drive or a portable device.

Save a Discussion Forum Thread

1. Saving content from a discussion forum requires a simple copy and paste content into Word.
2. From within the course discussion forum, click the drop down arrow to change from Threaded View to "Nested View."
3. Right click anywhere in the discussion forum text and choose Select All or scroll to highlight individual threads. Choose the Edit Copy command.
4. Edit Paste the text into a Word document and save with a descriptive file name.