Getting the Office 2013 Installation Package

If the Microsoft Office 2013 installation package is not available in the Software Center on the computer, you have two options.

On Campus Option

If a trip to campus is practical, the quickest option involves bringing your computer to campus and connecting it to the campus network for approximately 45 minutes.   Once you see the installation package in the Software Center, simply follow the instructions for faculty to install Office 2013 .  You can take this step either while on campus or at a more convenient time from off campus.

From Off CAMPUS Option

This option involves using the VPN to connect to the campus network. If you are new to the VPN, please follow the instructions below for client setup and connections. When you establish your connection to the Stonehill network securely via VPN, the installation package will be loaded to your computer.

The process may take up to 2 hours depending upon your connection speed. Please do not disconnect your computer before confirming that the installation package is listed in the Software Center. 

VPN Client Setup on Windows

VPN Connections on Windows

Check the Software Center for the installation package

Click the Start Button and type Software Center in the search box at the bottom left of the window.  Click on the Software Center option, which should be listed under Programs. Look for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 under the Available tab.

The Software Center should look like the image below with the installation package loaded. Please note that the download size must be 1229MB.

Complete the Installation

Once the package is loaded on the computer, simply follow the instructions for faculty to install Office 2013  to apply the upgrade.