myHill Student Information for Advisors

Advisors have access to many tools through the Student Information for Advisors channel on myHill to get information about and contact their advisee students.

Email or List Advisees

When you choose this option you will be prompted to select the Term and click Submit.

You will see a list of current advisees with their name and ID numbers and several other links.

The hyperlink for the student's name or Student Information links will take you to "View Student Addresses and Phone numbers" page. You can also view the holds and unofficial transcript.

The link for Degree Evaluation is not available for the time being.

Active Registrations for a Student

When you need to see active registrations for one of your advisees, choose this option.

Select the Term and click Submit. You will be prompted to search for the student either by ID number or name. If you have a partial name, you may use the wildcard character % sign to search. 

For example, if in the "Last Name" field you type: smi%

The results for the search will create a host of students whose last name begins with smi.  You can then choose the one you're looking for.

The Student Schedule and Student Week-at-a-Glance links use the same steps to search for the student to display information about the student schedule.