Lecture Capture FAQ's

Where do I begin?

Panopto is easily configured for use through your eLearn course. Accounts are automatically created for faculty and students through the eLearn course configuration process.
Help for configuring an eLearn course can be found under Lecture Capture in the Knowledge Base.

Do I need any special software?

You will need the Panopto Recorder installed on your computer. All lab and classroom computers currently have the Recorder installed.

Where can I download the Panopto Recorder?

Download the Recorder from your eLearn Panopto Content nugget (under Links) or students can access it from the Panopto website http://www.stonenhill.hosted.panopto.com  website (users must first log in to access the download feature). The Recorder is easily downloaded from the web or installed by one of our Service Desk staff.

What log in credentials do I use?

You will always use your Stonehill username and password to log in to use the Recorder or access content on the Panopto website. 

Do I need any special hardware?

No. All you need to capture content is a Windows or Mac computer and a camera or microphone. Most laptops have a built-in camera and microphone that work well with the lecture capture system. The classroom instructor workstation computers use a plug-in webcam with built in microphone. Equipment is available through the equipment loan program.

Do I have to  record myself in the video?

No. You can create an audio only recording or record audio with a PowerPoint presentation and/or screen capture.

What are the basic and advanced settings in the recorder?

For complete documentation on recorder configuration visit the Panopto Online Help .

After recording a session, if the recorder isn't open, will my recording upload to the server?

If you are using the windows recorder, yes. There is a background uploading service that will transfer data to the server as long as the recording computer is on. Mac does not have this service available at this time.

Can I attach a PDF file to a recording?

Yes. After a recording is online, you can go to the session details page and upload as many PDF files  as you want.

What are the differences between the Mac and Windows Recorder?

Mac Recorder cannot record secondary video sources (such as document cameras, high def cameras), Windows Recorder can.
Mac Recorder does not have live broadcast feature, Windows recorder does.
Mac Recorder does not have background upload service, Windows recorder does.
Mac Recorder user interface is smaller and simplified, Windows Recorder layout contains preview windows and is larger
PC Recorder does not have a "preview video" option, which allows users to watch their video or screen capture video within the Recorder before uploading it to the server
Mac Recorder cannot re-upload files, Windows recorder can.
Mac Recorder does not have a Pause button, Windows Recorder does.
Ultra quality option for video is only available in Windows recorder.
Screen capture frames per second is limited to 12 FPS in Mac Recorder and up to 15 FPS on Windows Recorder.
Mac Recorder does not contain an option to adjust bit rate, PC Recorder does.
Despite the differences, the viewer, editor and management experience is consistent no matter which Recorder you use.

Do viewers need any special software to view content?

Panopto recordings can be viewed on a number of computers and browsers including Windows Vista, Windows XP, OS X (Intel only), and IE, Firefox and Safari browsers. You may be required to install Microsoft's Silverlight plugin the first time you view a lecture. No special Panopto software is required. Download Silverlight .

Whom do I call for help?

Please call the Service Desk at 508-565-4357 or email service-desk@stonehill.edu for more information.