1. Download the JMP installer for OS X.
2. You will be prompted to login to campus.stonehill.edu to access the zip file containing the JMP installer. Make sure you type "stonehill\" before your username as shown in the example below.
3. At the "File Download" window, you will want to Open the file with Archive Utility when prompted to select a program to open the file with.
4. After a few moments, the file will unpack and you may be prompted to Allow the content to open on your computer.
5. Inside the unpacked JMP12 folder, double-click on JMP Pro 12.pkg to start the installation. Click Continue to start the Install Wizard.
6. Leave the default destination folder. Click Continue.

7. On the "Installation Type" screen, click Continue.
8. Click Install to begin the installation. If there are any required pre-requisites, allow them to install.
9. Click Close to end the installation.

10. Launch JMP12.

11. At the "Provide Your JMP License" window, select the Open License button.

12. At the "Choose a File" window, navigate to the unpacked JMP12 folder within your Downloads folder.

13. Find the License folder, and select the JMP.per file within the folder. Then select the Choose button.

14. At the "Personalize Your JMP License" window, leave the fields blank and click OK.