Install Office 2016 for Windows

This will install Office 2016, Skype for Business and the OneDrive for Business sync client on a PC running Windows 7 or higher.

If you are upgrading from Office 2013 for Windows to Office 2016 for Windows, please follow the instructions on our  Upgrade from Office 2013 to Office 2016 for Windows page.


1. Login to Office 365 at

2. Choose Mail from the app launcher in the top left corner of the screen, if you are not already in the Outlook Web App.

3. Select the gear icon  (Settings) in the top right corner of the screen.

4. From the Settings menu, choose Office 365 under the My app settings heading.

5. On the Settings page, with Settings selected from the column on the left, select Software.

6. On the Office page, click the Review system requirements link and make sure that your computer meets the system requirements to install the software.

7. Click Install to download the installer. You may need to save the install file to your machine.

8. When the download is complete, the installer will start. If the install does not start automatically, you may need to double click the installer file you downloaded.

9. The installation will display a status bar, indicating the progress of your installation.

10. A video introducing Office 365 may begin, which you have the option to view or skip. Click the Close button.

11. Open any Office 2016 application (i.e. Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016).

12. Upon opening the application, you will be greeted with an Activate Office window. Enter your full Stonehill email address and click the Next button.

13. On the Office 365 sign in window, your Stonehill email address will already be populated in the first field. Enter your Stonehill password into the second field and click the Sign in button.

14. Your installation of Office 2016 for Windows is now activated with your Stonehill account. Click the OK button.