Importing an eLearn (.zip) file that has been saved from a previous semester or uploading a publisher's content package into an eLearn course shell is very simple.

1.  Enter the course for which you want to import content. Go to Manage > Import Console.

2.  Click the Content Package hyperlink.

3.  Click the Browse button to find the file to be imported.

4.  Select the file to be imported and then click the Open button in the pop-up window.

5.  Click the Upload File button

Step 2 allows you to designate the portions of the course content to be imported in the Import New Course

Content page. (User data cannot be imported)

6.  Click the Next button at the bottom of the list after you finish.

7.   The import process might take several minutes, depending on the size of the import file and system load. While the content is importing, you can browse around the course or exit the course and perform other tasks on the system.