hillspot Wireless Setup for Windows

hillspot wireless at Stonehill utilizes secure authentication to protect your identity and data.
Your device must be properly configured to connect to hillspot. The setup process uses XpressConnect, an automatic configuration utility that will help simplify the process. It can also be used to reconfigure hillspot if you have connection problems.
If you are using Windows 8, or are unable to setup hillspot using this method, please refer to the IT web page for instructions for accessing hillspot secure wireless to try a manual setup.Click on the Network Connections icon on the notification bar.

    1. The list of available networks connections will appear, one of which is hillspot setup.
    2. Click on hillspot setup connection, then click on the Connect button.
    3. Next, open Internet Explorer, and the "hillspot Wireless Setup" window will appear. Click the Start button to begin the process of setting up hillspot wireless on your computer.
    4. Next, a Java applet window will appear. Make sure "Always trust content from this publisher" is checked, then click Run.
    5. The XpressConnect application will then start downloading.
    6. You will then be asked to enter your Stonehill username and password, then click Continue.
    7. If your wireless utility needs to be reconfigured, the following window will appear. Click the Continue button.
    8. Next, the process of setting up the hillspot wireless connection will start.
    9. When the "Additional information is required to connect" bubble appears in your notification bar, click it.
    10. Enter your Stonehill username and password.
    11. You will then be connected to hillspot secure wireless.

And you are done! The hillspot Wireless connection is now setup on your computer, and is the default wireless network when you are on campus.