hillspot Wireless on Windows Vista

  1. Click Start, then Control Panel.
  2. Click Network and Internet.
  3. Click Connect to a Network, located under "Network and Sharing Center".
  4. Click Setup a Connection or Network located under the box that shows active networks.
  5. Click Manually Connect to a Wireless Network, the click Next.
  6. In the "Manually Connect to a Wireless Network" window, set the fields as follows:
    1. Network Name: hillspot
    2. Security: WPA2-Enterprise
    3. Encryption TYpe: AES
  7. Select "Start this connection automatically," and "Connect even if network is not broadcasting." Click Next.
  8. In the "Manually Connect to a Wireless Network" window, select Change Connection Settings.
  9. In the "hillspot Wireless Network Properties" window, click on the Security tab.
  10. Click the Settings button on the right of Microsoft:Protected EAP (PEAP)
  11. In the "Protected EAP Properties" window:
    1. Un-check "Validate server certificate"
    2. Select "Authentication Method: Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)"
  12. Click Configure.
  13. In the "EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties" window, un-check "Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any.)"
  14. In the "Protected EAP Properties Window", click OK.
  15. In the "hillspot Wireless Network Properties Window", click OK.
  16. You should see a white bubble pop up ("Wireless Network Connection") in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop requesting additional information to connect to hillspot.
  17. Click inside this bubble.
  18. You should see a login box open in the center of the desktop.
  19. Enter your Stonehill username and password (leave the domain field blank.)
  20. Click OK.

You will now be connected to the hillspot wireless network.