Guest Acess for Stonehill Users

Guest access allows individuals who are not enrolled in an eLearn course or organization to access specific parts of the site that have been designated for guests. Instructors can enable guest access to any content area, but not to tools such as the discussion boards or grade center. 

 How to allow Guest Access

  1. The course/organization will first need to have guest access enabled
    1. Control Panel > Customization > Guest and Observer Access > Allow Guest Access>Select Yes
  2. Guests will only be able to see specific areas of the course that have been designated for guest access
    1. To get a sense of what guests can and can't see 
      Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability, and check the "Visible to Guests" column. 
    2. Items that can be made visible to guests will have a check in that column.  Items without a check are not visible to guests.
  3. Adding Guest Users
    1. Manually add a guest to your roster
      For directions, see Adding a Stonehill member , choosing the role of Guest.
      After adding the Stonehill member as a guest to your roster, the course/organization will display on either the guest's My Courses or My Organizations module.

    2. Optional self-enroll for guests
       Control Panel > Customization > Enrollment Options > Select Self Enrollment.

      Students search for the course/organization title using the Course Search module (on the Course Tab) or Organization Search module (on the Communities Tab).  When the self enroll option is "on", students mouse over the Course/Organization ID field, click the drop down arrow and select Enroll. The student is added as a guest to the roster and the course/organization will display on the student’s module.