Guest Access to the Wired Network

Guests of Stonehill must register their computer to connect to the Internet  using wired network ports by following the steps below.  Please note that the preferred method for guests  to connect to the Internet is through a wireless connection on the Guest network

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable to the visitor's device and a network jack
  2. Open your web browser and click on the “Self Registration Guest Access” link or select the START >> button to the right of this link to proceed.
  3. Fill in all fields within the “Guest Access Registration” section and click the Request Guest Access button.
  4. You will be re-directed to the “Guest Access” page and shortly you will receive an email and text message with a temporary (12-hour) password.
  5. Enter your email address and the password you received into the fields provided, then click the Login button.
  6. Your network connection will take a few minutes to re-configure, as indicated by a blue status bar moving across the screen.
  7. A dialogue box will display, informing you that “Your network is being reconfigured, please close and reopen your browser,” after which you will have access to the network.