Filter Student2Student Emails

1. Log into your Outlook email.

2. Click the Settings tab at the upper right corner of your screen.

3. Click Options

4. In the left hand column, click the Organize E-mail tab. 

5. Click the "+" dropdown menu, select “Create new rule for arriving messages”.  A "New Inbox Rule" window will appear.

6. Name: Student2Student

7. Under the first dropdown menu, entitled "When the message arrives, and:"…select It was sent to...

8. A new window will appear. In the search bar, type: Student2Student and double click the neStudent2Student group.  Confirm that neStudent2Student appears in the address bar at the top left of the window and select OK.

9. Under the "Do the following:" dropdown menu, select Move the Message to Folder...

10. Click the New Folder button and name your folder something along the lines of: Student2Student

Note: This the folder all your Student2Student messages will now be sent to.

11. Click Save on the bottom of the window and your new inbox rule will now be applied.