File Share Connectivity on Macs

  1. First, click the Go menu in your OSX menu bar, then choose Connect to Server.
  2. Type smb://fileshare/SHARENAME (where "SHARENAME" is the name of your departmental share) in the box, then click Connect. Please refer to the List of CFS folders by Department if you need the Department File Share folder path.
  3. If you are asked to enter your Stonehill credentials, enter your Stonehill username and password. Remember to put "stonehill\" before your username (ex. "stonehill\jdoe"). Also, make sure that you are connecting as a "Registered User". You can also check the "Remember this password in my keychain", which will automatically fill in your username and password on subsequent visits. When done, click Connect.

A new Finder window will appear with the contents of your Departmental fileshare. You are now able to work with files in the fileshare!