Export an eLearn Course

1. Go to Manage > Export Console. The "Export Console" page appears.

2.  Select the Export Content hyperlink under "Data Management". 

3. Click the link Angel Format to create an export of course content in the standard course format. (This export will be stored on the Blackboard/Angel server and available to download as a .zip file.)

4.   The next page allows you to choose the data that you want to export. It is arranged by the tabs of your course, allowing you to select only the items that you want to export. If you click the Lessons/Content hyperlink, you can select individual content items to export instead of exporting everything. 

5.   Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen to continue. The export will occur as a background process, which might take some time. You can browse around your course or exit your course while the export occurs. Return to the Export Console later to download the export file to your local computer or file storage. Simply click the .zip file link and save.