eLearn’s course mail feature allows the course instructor to email the entire class from on or off campus. By design, all emails are sent and received using the course’s internal communication tools and the option to forward a copy to the student’s Stonehill email address is recommended.

  1. The Course Mail feature can be found on your course Home page or from the course "Communicate" tab.
  2. Click View Inbox.
  3. To create an email message click Compose Message.
  4. Address the message by clicking To: and selecting the link for groups, teams or use the alphabetical listing of names from the directory.
  5. Check the appropriate group or name, click the To and OK button to address the message. Note: email addresses can’t be typed into this field.
  6. Make sure to check the Message Option "Send a copy to each recipient’s Internet e-mail" to forward the message to the student’s Stonehill email account.
  7. Click Send when finished composing message. A copy of the email will also be stored in the eLearn email sent folder.

Changing the course default mail setting will ensure all email is forwarded to the addressees' Stonehill email account automatically. This can be configured for every course.

  1. From the course "Manage" tab, click Mail Settings.
  2. Check the box under "Message Options" to "Send a copy to each recipient’s Internet e-mail."
  3. Click Save.
  4. This setting will also forward student emails that have originated from within eLearn.