Downloading the Panopto Recorder

Instructor Download

All Stonehill instructor PC workstations have the Panopto recorder installed. The recorder is also available for download on any personal computer. To access the download you must first configure your eLearn course for Panopto lecture capture. Once your credentials are established in the configuration process,  the recorder is available for install. From the Panopto Focus page, instructors click either link on the (Windows | Mac ) Panopto Focus Recorder download.  (See below picture).  Follow the directions to install.

Students download the recorder to their own computer as follows:

Students who are in an eLearn course that has be configured with Panopto are also able to download the Panopto recorder to create and upload videos.

1. Using your Internet browser go to:

2. Under "User Login", log in by choosing the "eLearn/Panopto" option from the drop down menu.

3. Click the Log In button

4. Select the Record button .

5. Choose the Download option under "Focus Recorder" for either a Windows or Mac version.

 For further information see Creating a Panopto Recording .