Device Registration for Other Devices

Registering devices with an Ethernet connection such as Smart TV’s, Roku’s, Amazon Fire TV's, and Apple TV's is a manual process. To register devices like these you will need its MAC address for the Ethernet connection.  Please refer to the manufacturer's instructions to find your device's MAC address. It should be a set of six 2-digit pairs, separated by colons or dashes (i.e. FH:12:G1:5C:E3:47). 

Once you have the MAC address, or if you have problems finding the MAC address, contact the IT Service Desk or call us at 508-565-4357, and we will complete the registration process. 

Be aware that some wireless-only devices (such as Amazon Echo, Chromecast, and the Amazon Fire TV stick) may not behave as expected on the campus network. These devices are designed for home use and as such cannot support the level of encryption needed to connect to the secure Stonehill wireless network. Therefore, IT cannot help you connect these devices to the campus wireless network or support these technologies in any way.