Creating a Panopto Recording

1. Open the eLearn course you wish to save a recording in.

2. Find the Panopto video link in the course and select it.

3. Select the folder associated with the course (students will choose the "assignments" folder) and click the Create button, then select Record a New Session.

4. Select Launch Panopto to open the Recorder. (Panopto is installed on all classroom workstations, if using your own computer install the appropriate Windows or Mac version of the recorder). 

5. Select the "Primary Source" video and audio inputs and add or remove other "Secondary Capture Sources", such as Screen Capture and/or PowerPoint, by checking the boxes. Do not change the "Standard Quality" option setting.

You are ready to start recording . . . 


          Click the red Record button (F8) to start recording, Pause (toggle using F9) and Stop (F10) to end recording.


          Click Start Recording (Cmd+Option+R) to start recording, Pause  (Cmd+Option+P) and Stop Recording (Cmd+Option+R).

9. When recording is stopped you have the option to change the session name, add a description and either delete the recording or upload to the eLearn folder

10. From the "Manage Recordings" tab, click Upload to upload and  process your recording on the Panopto server.

11. Your video will be available to view within a short period of time in your eLearn content area.  See the picture below.


For more information, see Adding a Panopto Video Link to Your Course and Student Recordings