Creating a Panopto Recording on a Mac

1. Open the Panopto recorder.

2. Click Log in. Enter the Server as ""; Providers choose "eLearn/Panopto" , when the Angel single Sign-On page appears, enter your Stonehill username and password.

3. Click Create New Recording.

4. Select an eLearn course folder and enter a session name.

5. Customize your recorder settings by checking the boxes for screen capture, Audio/Video input and PowerPoint or Keynote capture. Recorder settings are saved by user log in.

6. Click Start Recording (Cmd+Option+R) when ready, Pause  (Cmd+Option+P) and Stop Recording (Cmd+Option+R).

7. Click Choose Folder and Upload. Wait until the video has uploaded to the Panopto server before logging out.

8. Additional support is available using the Panopto Online help .