Copying a Course in eLearn

If you want to copy some or all of the course content into a new course shell for a new semester or school year, you can use the "Course Copy" feature. You must be the course instructor/editor in both courses.

  1. From within the course you want to copy materials
  2. Expand the "Control Panel" on the lower left side of the page
  3. Click on “Package and Utilities
  4. Click “Course Copy
  5. Under “Select Copy Options” . . .
    a. Enter the Destination Course ID  (i.e. the course where you will be moving the  copied content)   —OR—
    b. Click “Browse” to find the course where you will be moving the copied content
  6. Under “Select Copy Options
    a. Check off the desired areas you would like to copy
    b. Check off the desired settings which you would like to carry over
  7. You have the option to carry over File Attachments
    a. Copy links to Course Files
    b. Copy links and copies of the content -recommended choice
    c. Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course home folder)
  8. Under enrollments, check should be off for, “Include Enrollments in the Copy
  9. Click "Submit" to copy