Configuring your eLearn course

This process will create a folder specific to your course and will permission that folder with your enrolled users.

  1. Select a  course.
  2. From the  content area on the menu, select Tools” >  “More Tools” > “Panopto Course Tool Application."
  3. Rename the link name "Panopto Content" if desired, e.g. “Course Videos,” “Cell Biology,” etc.
  4.  Click "Submit."  (There is no need to change any other settings).
  5. From within the content area, you will see the Panopto tool.  Click the link  with the name you gave it.
  6. Click "Configure" on the next screen
  7. Click “Add Course to Panopto” and then “OK
  8. Click "Submit." There is no need to change folder settings. Your course folder is already selected.
  9. The final window will bring you to where your course videos will be hosted.  

 For more information, see Downloading the Recorder