eLearn Browser Compatibility

Browser upgrades are causing compatibility issues with eLearn

1.    For all browsers, try clearing the cache first. If the HTML Editor still doesn’t work, try each browser below, starting with Firefox. Note: these four browsers are the only ones that are fully compatible with ANGEL.

2.    Firefox: Disable any extra toolbars like Yahoo, Ask, Bing, AVG, Google (the actual toolbar, not the search field), Norton, Amazon, etc. If you have several toolbars, disable them one at a time and check the Editor after each one.

3.    Google Chrome: if you have installed the Evernote Web Clipper 6.0 extension, disable it. Previous versions of the Clipper have not reported any problems.

4.    Internet Explorer: turn on Compatibility Mode.

a.    In IE version 9 and earlier, click on the compatibility icon in the navigation bar until it turns a solid color. (The icon looks like a page torn across the middle.)

b.    In IE 10 or 11, click on Tools, Compatibility View Settings, and add the address- elearn.stonehill.edu

5.    Safari: Clear the cache (both PC and Mac)