Hoonuit (Atomic Learning)

Hoonuit is an online, self-directed learning system that has been licensed to enhance student skills with desktop applications, like Microsoft Excel, HTML, and Adobe Premiere.  Whether you are trying to teach yourself a new program or review citation guidelines, like MLA and APA, Hoonuit features thousands of short tutorial videos that are available anytime, anywhere, and can be taken at your own pace. Access Hoonuit directly or through eLearn!

Launching Hoonuit

  1. Login to eLearn (alternatively you can go directly to Hoonuit)
  2. From the "My Institution" home page, select "Launch Atomic Learning
  3. You are now logged into Hoonuit/Atomic Learning.
  4. Search from thousands of training videos with the search bar or the advanced filters 

Taking an Assessment

You can access a Hoonuit assessment one of two ways.  Your instructor may have added the link directly in the eLearn course for credit or self-assessment; or go directly to Hoonuit and search for assessments by topic.

Through eLearn

  1. Login to eLearn
  2. Enter your course
  3. Select the Hoonuit link from the specified Content Area and click the link(s) under Assessment
  4. Make sure you have enabled pop-ups in your browser
  5. You are now ready to take your assessment, which will appear in its own window.

On your own

Hoonuit allows you to pre-assess your proficiency on major applications, such as Microsoft Excel or Adobe Premier.  For a full list of available pre-assessments, please consult Hoonuit


 Viewing Assessment Results

  1. Select the "My Training" tab
  2. Select the "Assessments" sub-tab
  3. Click on the "Show Completed" link
  4. You can now see the status of the assessment, that is, whether or  not you have completed it, as well as your total score. 

 Accessing your Certificates

Hoonuit offers Certificates of Completion for individuals completing a full tutorial series or an individual training assignment.  Each certificate provides a summary of the time an individual has dedicated to self-improvement and is a great tool to showcase professional development.  

To access your certificate . . .

  1. Launch Hoonuit through eLearn
  2. On the  Homepage, select "My Profile" in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Select "My Reports"
  4. Under the "Select Report" drop-down menu, select "Certificates of Completion"
  5. Set the date range to the relevant semester for which you completed the training.
  6. Click "Generate Report" 
  7. On the following screen, you will have the option to view, email, or print your Certificate of Completion.