Adding OneDrive to Office 2013 & OneDrive Sync Client Setup for Windows

To get the most out of your OneDrive, it's a good idea add it to your Microsoft Office 2013 Suite for Windows and then setup the OneDrive sync client for Windows. You must complete these steps in the order listed below.

Step 1: Adding OneDrive to Office 2013 for Windows

  1. Open any Office application (for example, Word) and click on the File tab.
  2. Select the Save button.
  3. Select Add a place from the list.
  4. Choose Office 365 Share Point from the list.
  5. You will be asked to sign in with your Stonehill email address, followed by your Stonehill password.
  6. Once you sign in, you should now see OneDrive – Stonehill College available as a Save location.
  7. Please review our Knowledge Base articles for Saving Files in Office 2013 and Opening Files in Office 2013 to learn more about using your Stonehill OneDrive.

Step 2: OneDrive Sync Client Setup for Windows

If you have Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows installed on your computer, you already have the OneDrive for Business Sync Client installed. Please follow the steps below to sync the contents of your OneDrive for Business folder on Office 365 to your Windows computer.

  1. Once you have added your OneDrive – Stonehill College to Office 2013, click on the Start button in the lower, left-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Select All Programs > Microsoft Office 2013 > OneDrive for Business

  3. At the “Ready to sync your OneDrive – Stonehill College documents” window, select the Sync Now button.
  4. An Explorer Window will open, displaying the new OneDrive – Stonehill College location in the left-hand column, beneath your Favorites.
  5. Selecting OneDrive – Stonehill College will display the contents of your OneDrive folder.
    1. Please note: It will take a few minutes to sync your folders and files from OneDrive – Stonehill College depending on how much data you have stored.