Atomic Learning/Hoonuit Mashups

Adding an Atomic Learning Mashup

  1. From any content area, choose "Build Content"
  2. Under the "Mashups" sub category, select "Atomic Learning"
  3. Provide a relevant name for your Atomic Learning videos, such as "APA Basics", click Submit and Select Training
  4. Search for your desired training through the search bar
  5. Click on the Content button for your desired training series
  6. Individually check off the videos series that you would like to use.  Or, you can "check all" videos. 
  7. Select "Preview Selections."
  8. Click "Submit." 

Your video will now be available in your course.

Adding an Atomic Learning Assessment 

  1. From any content area, choose "Build Content"
  2. Under the Mashups subcategory, select "Atomic Learning."
  3. Type a title that reflects the assessment you will be choosing, i.e. “Excel Basics Quiz 1”
  4. Click “Submit and Select Training.
  5. Select your desired assessment 
  6. Click "Submit"

The assessments will display a grade in the grade book automatically after student takes the quiz.

Accessing Student Scores through the Grade Center

By default, your Atomic Learning mashup is configured into your Grade Book.  As a result, you can see which students viewed the assigned training videos.

  1. Enter your desired course.
  2. Expand the "Control Panel"
  3. Expand "Grade Center"
  4. Select "Full Grade Center"
  5. You will see that your Atomic Learning Mashup with have its own column, with the name that you had provided.