Adding a Syllabus to a Course

Every faculty member  is required to upload a syllabus into the syllabus content area for each eLearn course they are teaching and make the eLearn course available to students.  

Before you begin, create the syllabus using either a Word or PDF file and save the file with a name in the following format: course number_semester_syllabus (e.g. BUS101_fall2015_syllabus).  For more information, see syllabus guidelines.

  1. Open to your desired course from the "My Institution" home page.
  2. Make sure “Edit Mode” is on.
  3. Select theSyllabus link on the  menu
  4. Select "Build Content”
  5. Choose " File"
  6. On the new page, enter a name in the Name field.

  7. Select "Browse My Computer”
  8. At this point, check to make sure your syllabus file name contains the following information: course number_semester_syllabus (e.g. BUS101_fall2015_syllabus). It is extremely important to follow the file naming  format. Click on the file from your computer.  
  9. Select "Open.
  10. On the bottom of the page, click "Submit."  You do not need to change any further file settings.