Adding a member to a Course or Organization

You can add a member to your course or group directly through eLearn.  The role of the user can be a student, teaching assistant, guest, or instructor.  

  1. Enter your desired course

  2. Navigate to the "Control Panel."

  3. Expand the  “Users and Groups” tab.

  4. Select “Users.

  5. Select the Find Users to Enroll button.

  6. Enter the username in the "Username" field if you know it.

    a. Or click the "Browse" button to search for a user.

    b. Use the "Search" drop down menus in the window that appears to set the parameters for searching for the user you wish to enroll in your course and click on the Go button.

    c. Place a check in the box next to the user you wish to enroll in your course.

    d. Click on the Submit button.

  7. Change the Role of the member to . . .

    Course Role

    Access level

    Student Participant in class.
    Instructor Leader for the course.
    Teaching Assistant Assistant in the course.
    Guest Guest access to the course.
  8. Leave the Enrollment Availability set to “Yes.

  9. Click on the Submit button.

  10. If you return to the "Users" page, you will see the newly enrolled user listed.