Adding a Network Printer on a Mac

1. Click on System Preferences in the dock.

2. Select the Print & Fax icon.

3. Click on the + below the list of printers.

4. Select IP from the printer services located at the top of the window.

5. Select HP Jetdirect - Socket from the "Protocol" drop down list.

6. Enter the I.P. address of the printer in the "Address" field then click Add.

Note: If the I.P. is not printed on the printer, please call the Service Desk at ext. 1435 and they will assist you in obtaining the correct I.P. address.

7. You should now see the printer listed by I.P. and not by the server name in your list of printers.  I.P. printing will not prompt for a Stonehill password.  This is ideal for heavy printing or multiple print jobs in a limited time frame.