Adding a Network Printer on a Mac

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your version of OS X, you may see slightly different steps than those below.

1. Download and install the latest driver for the model of the printer you wish to add from the manufacturer’s website.

2. Click on System Preferences in the dock, then select the Printers & Scanner icon.

3. Click on the + below the list of printers.

4. If you have an Advanced icon at the top of the window, proceed to step 5. Otherwise:

a. Right-click on the menu bar, then select Customize Toolbar... from the dropdown menu.

c. Drag the Advanced icon into the toolbar, then click the Done button.

5. Click on the Advanced icon on the menu bar.

6. From the Type drop down menu, select "Windows printer via spoolss" and verify that "smb://" is displayed in the URL field.

7. Add printserver-prd/ followed by the name of the printer you wish to install, in the URL box. For example, to add the printer named "DUFaculty-P2", the URL field would read: smb://printserver-prd/DUFaculty-P2

8. Enter a descriptive name for the printer in  the Name field.

9. From the Use dropdown menu, choose "Select Software..."

10. Select the printer’s model from the list and click OK, then click the Add button.

a. Please note that if you are adding a Xerox printer, you must first follow our instructions for Installing Drivers for Xerox Printers on a Mac.

If a window containing printing options appears, leave the settings at their defaults and click OK.

You should now see the printer listed in your Printers & Scanners.