The information below describes the proposal requirements, the review process, timelines for submissions and awards, and post-award startup.  The Application Form should be used for all proposals and the completed form should be submitted in an email attachment to Jan Harrison.

Project Proposal Requirements

Explain in 500 words or less the technology you would like to use, how it may impact your pedagogical goals, and the possible benefits to you, the course and/or the students.  Proposals should include the following information:

  • Project Description: a detailed description of the project/activity being proposed (include a timeline if appropriate)
  • Benefit: an explanation of the anticipated benefit(s) the project/activity will have for the campus community (you may address benefits for your course, for departmental or campus-wide initiatives, for student learning, etc.)
  • Syllabus (optional): if the project is related to a specific course, a syllabus can also be included
  • Other resources: include other resources that would be helpful in understanding the pilot that you are proposing (e.g. url to featured product or software, articles, examples of usage, experts)

Community Outreach Plans: a commitment to publicize the outcomes from the pilot program is required; choose at least two from the following list:

  • End of year networking program with all participants in pilot, including student assistants, which would be open to the campus
  • Poster presentation in the atrium or during lunch at Academic Development Day
  • Department presentation, possibly at a department meeting for your department or other departments
  • Lunch or dinner with 2-3 interested faculty
  • Participate in a CTL Round table discussion
  • Present at Nercomp, Campus Technology or some other professional organization
  • Publish findings in an academic newsletter or journal
  • Present to a student group (e.g. SGA, Marketing Assoc., The Summit, Education Society, etc)
  • Develop a 1-page case study using a standard template for campus wide distribution
  • Make a suggestion (email to

Proposal Review

The FIT proposals are reviewed by the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC). TAC will make recommendations to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for final approval. Two pilots per semester will be awarded pending available funding.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Possible departmental and/or institutional benefits to teaching and learning
  • Pedagogical effectiveness (e.g. is there a clear pedagogical reason for using this technology)
  • Potential scope of impact (e.g. one course or all majors)
  • Feasibility and cost of the pilot
  • Descriptive plan for piloting the technology during the specified semester

Application Deadlines

  • April 1 for fall semester pilots
  • November 1 for spring semester pilots

Applications will be reviewed and awarded by May 15th for fall pilots and December 15th for spring pilots. All awarded pilots must be completed prior to June 30th after the academic year in which the project was awarded.

Awarded Pilots

Jan Harrison, Manager of Instructional Technology, will meet with the faculty member to discuss their proposal and develop a plan for the pilot including the timeline, number of student assistants, additional technology requirements, and training needs.


For additional information or to receive feedback on a proposal draft, please contact Jan Harrison  (ext 1096).