How Do I?



Email Students Email from on and off campus.
How to email class & individual students
Email from on campus or using VPN connection from off campus.
How to email class & individual students
View Class Roster To access your class roster and view photos, simply choose the course roster link from the course home page, click show pictures. Use the Print link option within eLearn to print the roster with pictures. Your official roster resides in myHill.
From the Faculty Dashboard click  for the Class List.
View Wait List NA From the Faculty Dashboard click    directly to the right of the Class List.
Grading A grade book feature is available under the Manage Tab. Quick Reference Guide (p. 56) Only midterm and final grades are entered in the Faculty Grade Assignment area.
myHill Grading instructions
Online Syllabus Use the Syllabus nugget on the course home page to upload your file. Optional- syllabus information, required materials and technical requirements. Provides a form to create or edit a syllabus for any course.
Upload Course Content Upload course content for individual courses or use the Learning Object Repository. Quick Reference Guide (p. 14) NA
Online Assessment Create quizzes, exams, surveys or conduct a quick poll. Quick Reference Guide (p. 32) NA
Student Collaboration Discussion forums, blogs and wikis are available for class or team collaboration. Quick Reference Guide (p. 41) NA
Students submit papers online Use the Drop Box feature to collect papers/homework. Quick Reference Guide (p. 29) NA
Registration Automatically enrolled in course when officially registered through myHill. Students search for courses and register.
Instructions on course selection and registration
Advising Resources NA Located in the Faculty Services tab under Advisor Dashboard
General Student Information NA Access to detailed information for all students.
Announcements Use the Course Announcement nugget within the course for updates specific to that course. Quick Reference Guide (p. 16) Targeted Campus and Personal. Service Guidelines