The LMS Evaluation Team led a thorough assessment of leading learning management system products and gathered input from the community. Blackboard Learn was their unanimous recommendation  to replace our current Angel 8 system, which is also from Blackboard. 

An LMS Implementation Team was charged by Joe Favazza, the Provost, and Tammy Anderson, the CIO, to plan the upgrade.  The team will also identify training and support needs and recommend procedures and configuration settings.  The transition will occur on August 1, 2014 and all Fall 2014 course shells will be created in the new system. Additionally, all courses developed in eLearn between Fall 2012 and Summer 2014 will be migrated into the new system. 

Faculty eLearn Cohort Program has been created to develop expertise in the new system within a group of faculty who can mentor their peers during the transition.  The eLearn cohort will be a supplement to the traditional training and support programs provided by the department of IT.

The links on the left provide access to resources that describe the transition timeline and provide information about the new system.  A list of  frequently asked questions about the transition is also available.