How do I login to eLearn?

eLearn is can be accessed from myHill by clicking the eLearn icon under Quicklinks on the left side of the Home tab. You can also access eLearn by navigating to

Using either method, the eLearn login page will be displayed. Click on the large purple Login button. The Stonehill College Central Authentication Service (CAS) login page will be displayed. Enter your Stonehill username and password and then click the small grey LOGIN button. Elearn will display upon successful login.

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What is CAS?

CAS is an authentication system, originally created by Yale University, which provides a trusted way for an application to authenticate a user. The Stonehill IT department has implemented the Jasig open source CAS software to enable true single signon between applications. This means that once you log in through CAS using your Stonehill username and password you will automatically be signed on to other CAS enabled applications. As of August 1, 2014, the following Stonehill services are CAS enabled: eLearn, Atomic Learning, the My Stonehill mobile ap, and Manage My Hill Card.

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What is a Profile in Blackboard and how can I use it?

Your profile will allow you to share selected information about yourself with others. Profiles have privacy options, so you can keep your profile hidden, or make it available to everyone at Stonehill including your students.  If you choose not to create a profile at first login you may access it later.

To create or edit your profile, go to the global navigation menu in the upper right corner of eLearn and click the down chevron to display the menu.  Next, select the photo icon in the upper left of the dropdown menu. The profile editor options are now visible and can be modified or deleted. Once you are satisfied with the changes click the “Save” button in the upper right corner of the page.  Please watch our video overview for detailed directions.

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Why can’t my students see my course?

By default, an eLearn course is set as unavailable.  Once you are ready to make your course visible, you must manually set it to available.  To make a course available:  Control Panel > Customization > Properties > Set Availability > Yes > Submit.    

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Why can't I edit my course?

Make sure Edit Mode is set to ON.  Click on the OFF button to turn Edit Mode to ON.    

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How do I upload my syllabus?

Before you begin, make sure Edit Mode is ON.  To add a syllabus: Select "Syllabus" from the Course Menu, then Build Content > File > Content Name > Browse My Computer > Submit.   

For full instructions, please review our Knowledge Base article Adding a Syllabus to a Course.

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How do I view a roster of students in my class?

To view a course roster : Navigate to the desired course  then select Control Panel > Users and Groups >  Users.   

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How do I send an email to all the students in my course?

To send an email: Select desired course > Click the "Email" tool on the Course Menu > Select "All Users" > Fill out the Subject line > Enter the body of the email under Message > then click Submit

Note: After an email is sent from eLearn, the sender and students will automatically receive the sent email message in their Stonehill email inbox.  A copy will not be saved in eLearn. 

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How do I print something from eLearn?

Because eLearn is web-based, printing is handled through whatever internet browser you are using. Sometimes you can right-click the area that you want to print and look for a message similar to "Print This Frame."

Most browsers have a Help option that can explain more about printing.   If the course content is an attached file, or a link to a file, such as a Word document, you can open the document and print it from that program.    

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Why can’t I see the Course Menu area?

It’s easy to collapse/hide the Course Menu without even knowing.  To restore the Course Menu: Hover over the middle-left side of the screen and click the “Show Course Menu” arrow.

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How do I view my course from a student perspective?

To enter Student Preview: Click the Enter Student Preview arrows on the upper right hand corner of the screen.  

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Which web browsers are compatible with eLearn?

eLearn is fully compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.  

Please see our Troubleshooting Common Browser Related Issues Knowledge Base article for additional support.

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Is there a mobile app for the new eLearn?

Blackboard Instructor app is available for users of any iOS or Android devices on any network. The app displays course content and grade information, plus it allows you to communicate with students on the go. To download the app, open the iOS App Store or Android Market on your phone. Search for “Blackboard Instructor” and install it on your device. When you first open the app, search for Stonehill College when prompted for your school.  Then log in using your Stonehill username and password. 

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