Merkert Tracy Wall/Panel Input Instructions

  1. Press the ON button on the panel.  The screen will automatically come down and the projector will start up.

Merkert Tracy Wall Panel

Display Laptop:

  1. Press the PC button.
  2. Connect the VGA cable to your laptop.
  3. Plug your laptop's power cord into the power socket located in the floor panel next the the VGA port.
  4. Plug the Ethernet cable into your laptop for Internet connectivity, or connect to the hillspot secure wireless network.
  5. Turn on your laptop.


If you do not get a picture on both your laptop and the projector screen —

On Windows, hold down the following laptop keys simultaneously:

  • The (Fn) key located on the bottom left of the keyboard, and...
  • The corresponding monitor “F” key located across the top of the keyboard. The specific “F” key varies on laptops, therefore look for the ”F” key displaying two monitor symbols or labeled (LCD/CRT).

On Mac OS X, tap down the ”F” key displaying two monitor symbols (usually the F7).