1. Please pull up the screen in the front end of room.
  2. Make sure that side lights in room are on.
    1. If not, then go to the left wall and you will find a small wooden panel that opens up.
    2. Turn on the light switches.
    3. Once you see side lights on the wall, you should be able to power up the projector using the portable remote control.
    4. Make sure the master switch in the wooden cabinet in the rear on the room is ON.
    5. The projector is located on top of the wooden cabinet.
  3. Find the projector remote, aim remote to projector and turn on the projector. The projector will take a few minutes to power up.
  4. Make sure that you the projector is aligned properly to the screen by lightly moving screen either the left or right.
  5. Find the VGA, audio and data cables within the "cubby hole" in the table and connect them to your laptop.
  6. Make sure the resolution for the laptop is set at 1024 x 768.
  7. If no image is visible, make sure the projector source is set to “Input 1”.
  8. If using the Polycom phone, please make sure the Polycom is connected and press the ON button on your left.
  9. Once you have finished using the system, use the remote control to turn off the projector and power down your laptop. Place the cables back into the "cubby hole" within the table.