Cleary Dining Room Control Panel Instructions

  1. Press the System ON button. 
    1. The system will table about one minute to activate the screen and projector.
  2. Select the source you are projecting from:
    1. Laptop, HDMI, DVD, TV or Radio

Cleary Control Panel

Displaying from your Laptop:

  1. Connect the VGA cable to your laptop.
    1. Note: If you are using a Mac laptop, you will need to use your VGA adapter.
  2. Plug the Ethernet cable into your laptop for Internet connectivity.
  3. If you need audio from your laptop, connect the audio cable to the headphone jack on your laptop.
  4. Plug your laptop's power cord into the power socket located on the top left side of the podium.
  5. Turn on your laptop.
  6. On the Crestron panel, press the LAPTOP button and the laptop image should display on the screen.
    1. Even if this button is already lit, deselect and then re-select it now.
    2. Maximum resolution on the projector is 1024 x 768.

Displaying the DVD and VCR:

  1. Insert your DVD disc or VHS tape into the player.
  2. On the Crestron panel, press the DVD button, and the video will display on the screen. 
  3. Adjust your volume level with the volume control knob on the Crestron panel, as well as Play, Stop, Rewind, and Fast Forward buttons located on panel.


If you do not get a picture on both your laptop and the projector screen —

On Windows, hold down the following laptop keys simultaneously:

  • The (Fn) key located on the bottom left of the keyboard, and...
  • The corresponding monitor “F” key located across the top of the keyboard. The specific “F” key varies on laptops, therefore look for the ”F” key displaying two monitor symbols or labeled (LCD/CRT).

On Mac OS X, tap down the ”F” key displaying two monitor symbols (usually the F7).