Technology In The Classrooms

All College classrooms are equipped with a standard set of technology across campus to enhance teaching and learning. The standard equipment includes, a video projector, screen, Windows Computer, a document camera, DVD/VCR player, connections for a laptop,wired and wireless network access, and ceiling speakers for sound. In addition to the standard equipment, some classrooms are equipped with a wall or podium control panels for ease of use.

Standard Classrooms

Classroom Controls

Closed Captioning

Special Equipment

CM107 Standard    
CM020 Standard Yes  
CM143 Wall Panel    
CM027, CM141, CM142 Podium Panel Yes  
D015, D017 Standard Yes  
D213, D219, CC 215  Clear Touch Instructions    
D101, D102, D115, D117, D118, D120, D201, D203, D204, D205, D206, D207, D210, D114C, D215, D216, D217, D220, D221, D230 Podium Panel Yes   
ED110, ED111, ED112 Standard Yes  
M105 Podium Panel Yes  
M204, M205, M206, M207 Podium Panel Yes  
MT 250/251, MT 328 Wall Panels (Merkert Tracy)    
SC119, SC121, SC124, SC125, SC128, SC140, SC141, SC142, SC144, SC221, SC229, SC235, SC236, SC237A, SC239, SC254, SC258, SC259, SC261, SC262, SC330, SC331, SC335, SC340, SC341, SC343, SC344, SC345, SC348 Wall Panel     
ST001, ST201, ST207, ST209 Podium Panel Yes  
ST110, ST213 Standard Yes  
ST308 Standard Yes Dual Projection
SU104, SU105, SU124 Standard Yes  
SU108 Podium Panel Yes  Dual Projection
SU120 Podium Panel Yes