Video Production Studio

The Video Production Studio is a resource for courses delivering instruction on the creation of broadcast quality videos, particularly courses in the Digital Media Production Program. Additionally, College departments and organizations may access services available in the studio to assist in creation of video content.

The studio is centrally located in the Duffy Academic Center Room 208B.  A video production classroom is situated next to the studio (Duffy 210) to accommodate both instructional needs and drop in video editing use for students.  The classroom contains 25 Mac Pro computers with large, high quality monitors and the Adobe Production Suite, which includes Premiere. The studio and adjacent control room (208A) have the following features:

  • The studio measures 25’ X 25’ X 12’.
  • An energy efficient LED lighting grid is easily controlled by a programmable dimming system.
  • Chroma green, black, and grey curtains, along with chroma green flooring, surround the studio space for flexible set positioning.
  • 3 JVC HD Studio cameras sit on moveable tripods and connect to a Proline 17" teleprompter.
  • A Tricaster digital switcher in the control room enables explosive 3D visual effects, video playback, graphics, transitions, and virtual sets with a hands-on user interface.
  • The control room also contains a Yamaha digital audio mixer, a Clearcom intercom system, an AJA KiPro Rack for recording and a variety of monitors and audio equipment to ensure a quality production.