Video production services include digital video recording, basic editing, encoding, and online distribution.  Services are provided for College events that have a community wide or public audience and are deemed important for the archives.

Available To

 Faculty, Staff


  • Recordings can be captured in high definition resolution.

  • Filmed events can be uploaded for on-demand viewing within 4 business days to either Panopto or YouTube.  Events can be designated as viewable by the public or just the Stonehill community.

  • Selected events with a potentially large external audience can be streamed live.  Examples of these types of events include Commencement and political debates hosted by the Martin Institute.

  • Closed captioning services are available for final distribution of high profile events such as Commencement.

  • Services are available to perform basic editing and the addition of graphics, such as event titles.

  • Output is encoded in standard formats to online distribution sites.  Note that DVDs are not provided as a standard service.

  • The Video Production Studio may be scheduled to accommodate specific recording needs.
  • Quality video camcorders and tripods are available through our Equipment Loan service for individuals to coordinate and staff the video recording for events where recording services are not provided. 

  • Advanced video production equipment such as DSLR and JVC-150 cameras, boom mic, and lighting equipment is available through our Video Production Equipment Loan service. This equipment is only available to those currently or previously enrolled in a video production class or organization (ex. Digital Media Production, SkyNews).

Getting Started

  • Request video production services 10 business days in advance of the event by submitting a Video Production Request form to the Service Desk which includes specific production needs and the signature of the sponsoring department head.

  • Request video production equipment by submitting an Advanced Video Production Equipment Loan Form to the Service Desk which includes available equipment and needs approval from a faculty sponsor.
  • Once a video recording request has been approved, submit signed Video Releaseforms to the Service Desk for any guest speaker who is not a current Stonehill student or employee .