Printing Rules for Students

The following printing rules for students encourage efficient use of College resources and aid our sustainability initiative to reduce paper use.

  • Each semester, every registered student receives a quota of 1000 - 8 ½ x 11, black and white impressions for personal academic use. Each page impression printed on a College printer through a student's Stonehill username counts against the quota.   Those found to be printing in excess of the quota will be required to justify their needs for personal academic printing. Exceeding the quota will not automatically impact privileges; however, this process is under review during the current academic year.
  • The use of Stonehill College print resources to meet the needs of an off-campus organization is not permitted, including but not limited to organizations providing an off-campus job, internship, practicum, or student teaching assignment. While individual printing for personal academic use to fulfill these responsibilities is allowable, students should print or copy large jobs required by the organization at their off-campus site.
  • Those enrolled in Graphics Design and Photography courses are permitted to use the specialized printers in those labs for their course requirements only.
  • Printing for an on campus job, club or organization may be done for a small number of prints through an individual’s username and against their quota. However, large volume printing should be discussed with a supervisor, club advisor, or Student Activities staff. 
  • Students are permitted to use the public printers available from MobilePrint that are close to faculty and staff office areas.  If faculty or staff are waiting, students should limit print volume and allow those waiting to print ahead of them.
  • Students may check on their available print quota by following the instructions on the Student Print Quotas page.