The following printing best practices encourage efficient use of College resources and aid our sustainability initiative to reduce paper use.

  • Think  about whether you need a printed document before printing it. Documents shared over email or accessed online may be bookmarked in the browser or saved in your OneDrive for later access through your computer or mobile device.
  • Avoid printing initial drafts when creating or revising a document. Use the "Print Preview" view to check your document for print layout. Review the draft of your document online. Share a draft of your document with others through OneDrive and use Comments in Word to note feedback. Only print the final version if necessary.
  • Encourage those who share information with you through printed materials to share it through their personal OneDrive, an eLearn course, or an Office 365 Group.
  • Before printing copies for a group, consider sharing documents electronically with others and allow them to print their own copy if needed.