Printers are available in a variety of locations including computer labs for students and open areas and department office suites for faculty and staff. 

Available To

Students, Faculty, Staff


  • Xerox multifunction printers are located in convenient spots throughout the campus and offer double sided printing, stapling, and the lowest cost per print. 
  • Students may access large volume multifunction printers in Stanger 109 and Library 110.
  • Xerox printers in public areas use entry of a department organization code for appropriate accounting.
  • Unique departmental and individual needs are accommodated by allocation of laser or desk jet printers, as appropriate.
  • Xerox and Sunprint (noted on HP lasers) printers are supported through the Document Center at extension 1264.  Other college owned printers are supported by through the IT Service Desk.
  • Large format poster printing is available by appointment through the IT Service Desk.

Getting Started

  • Faculty and staff have default network-connected printers installed when they receive their computer.
  • Computers in labs and classrooms have default network-connected printers installed, as appropriate.
  • Refer to the following knowledge base resources found under the Printing category.