The Microsoft Office suite of applications will be upgraded to Office 2016 on classroom and lab computers running the Windows OS by August of 2016. Faculty with Windows computers are provided the option to install Office 2016 on their computers beginning in May of 2016. Faculty may initiate the installation by contacting the IT Service Desk and scheduling an appointment.

Office 2016 for Mac computers was released by Microsoft in late July of 2015.  Faculty with Mac computers running OS 10.10 can install this new version of Office on their college computer.  The new version is cloud-enabled allowing easy access to documents stored on OneDrive as well as other devices like iPads and phones.  Those who want to upgrade can simply follow the instructions to install Office 2016 on their college computer. 

Getting started with Office 2016 for Windows users:

Getting started with Office 2016 for Mac users:

Getting started with office 2013 for Windows users: