Over 400 computers are available on campus for student use in open computer labs, in technology classrooms, and in the MacPhaidin Library.

Available To



Open computer labs are located in Stanger 109 and Library 313 and are available to students based on the building hours.

Most technology classrooms are available for students to work individually when classes are not scheduled in them.

Computer labs and classrooms have standard software like MS Office as well as special software like Maple and Adobe Illustrator.

Lab and classroom computers use Deep Freeze software to restore computer configurations each night which ensures a standard and secure experience for each computer user.  Students are encouraged to save their work on an external storage device before logging out of the computer.

Computers are configured to print to a network printer located in the lab or classroom.

Getting Started

Review the electronic classrooms and labs page and the licensed software page to find the right location, availability and support.

Log in to the computers using your Stonehill username and password.