Spam filtering protects incoming and outgoing email from malware and spam.  Microsoft Spam Filtering Service is used as a cloud service that filters email for the on campus Exchange email server.

Available To

Staff, Faculty, Affiliates, and Retirees


  • Unsolicited spam and malware is either dropped or filtered to quarantine and remains external to the College network.
  • The College’s email server is protected from receiving email-borne viruses and other malicious code by the service’s use of multiple antivirus engines and heuristic detection.
  • Daily quarantine summary emails are sent to notify the mailbox owner of quarantined email.  Recipients may opt to release quarantined email to their inbox and report it as not junk from the summary email
  • When messages cannot be delivered to the Exchange server, for example during an outage, they are automatically queued for up to 2 days for delivery when the server is reachable.
  • Spam messages that are quarantined are retained by the service for 15 days to ensure access to the recipient when a message is not spam.
  • Outgoing email is filtered to protect against the possibility of spam and malware being sent by a compromised account.

Getting Started

  • Every Exchange email mailbox is automatically configured to use the spam filter service. 
  • Refer to the knowledge base resources under Spam Filtering for more information.