Troubleshooting Wireless Connectivity

A variety of reasons can cause wireless connection issues for studens, faculty and staff on campus. If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to the hillspot secure wireless network, please review some of our tips and recommendations below.

First things first...

  • Try shutting off wireless on your device.  Most computers have an on/off button on the keyboard and mobile devices usually have an virtual on/off within settings for Wi-Fi.

  • Moving between buildings can cause a delay in connecting to wireless, sometimes up to a few minutes. Please be patient but, try the above tip to reconnect if it doesn't happen automatically.

On your device...

  • On your Mac computer, make sure hillspot is at the top of your wireless network list by moving it.  While you're doing this, we recommend deleting any networks in your list that you don't use regularly.

  • If it appears you're connected to hillspot wireless but you can't access anything, open a web browser like Safari.  Then try to get to any web site.  You'll see the device registration page if your device has to be registered on the Stonehill network. Review our knowledge base articles under the Device Registration headings for assistance.

Where are you and what's happening...

  • Be aware that hillspot wireless covers all buildings and only the outdoor space in front of the MacPhaidin Library.  You may find limited wireless in open areas outside close to a buildings.  Be cautious when streaming video outside as your cellular data plan is most likely being used when you are outside.

  • Interference can occur from nearby personal wireless printers and microwaves.  We recommend connecting to your personal printer with a USB cable.  The wireless setting on personal printers should remain off .

  • Personal wireless routers are not allowed on the network and can cause connection problems for those around them. You will notice these rogue devices in your wireless network list. If you suspect someone near you is running a personal wireless router, please contact the IT Service Desk. 

  • Stonehill wireless access points can become overwhelmed with traffic, particularly if people nearby are streaming video. Try disconnecting from hillspot and then connect. This may connect you to another access point. If possible, moving to another locations may help.

  • If others around you are connected to hillspot or guest, the wireless is working. Try troubleshooting tips for on your device or if all else fails.

Streaming and gaming devices...

  • You may have to connect your consumer entertainment devices to the guest wireless network, including Roku, Chromecast, FireTV, Fire Stick, and some video game consoles.  These devices do not support the encryption level of hillspot which is WPA2 Enterprise. 

  • If the device has a wired Ethernet port, it should be connected to the network via an Ethernet cord.  Review device registration for gaming for assistance in getting connected.

If all else fails.....

  • Try shutting down your device and then restarting it.  This will sometimes enable wireless connections again.

  • Often wireless problems are caused by misconfigured devices or those that may be malfunctioning due to viruses or malware.  These can cause wireless connection issues and are best resolved by a visit to the IT Service Desk where a staff member can help you get connected to wireless.

If you continue to experience difficulty connecting or staying connected to the hillspot secure wireless network, please contact the IT Service Desk with specific information about your device,  location (i.e. a room number or area of a building), and a detailed description of your problem.